Crystal healing is an alternative healing technique that employs stones and crystals for their specific vibrational healing qualities.  All matter vibrates at different frequencies, and the vibrational frequencies of different stones correlate with different parts of the body, often aligning with the 7 chakras, or energy centers, that run along the spine.  Crystal Therapy sessions involve the laying of crystals along the body's energy meridians or at specific body points and aid in physical and emotional ailments.  Crystal Therapy can easily be done alongside yoga nidra for increased tranquility and positive healing benefits.  The healing power of crystals can also be attained by wearing them as jewelry, carrying on or close to the body, or by infusing them in oils or liquids that are either ingested or applied topically.     

Contact Claire to schedule an appointment or consultation.
Sliding scale $20-$80 for an hour session.      

Claire is a Certified Crystal Therapist trained by Advanced Crystal Master Theresa Deuschle.

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