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Claire serves as a Wellness Advocate for doTERRA.

There is a big debate going on concerning who is the best essential oil brand.  There are many great companies, large and small, that deliver high quality essential oils, and I salute them all for offering a pure, natural, and alternative healing modality.  My choice to work with doTERRA came from my experience with the Deep Blue blend, created by, and offered only from doTERRA.  Diffusing this oil at night takes away ALL of my pain, something I previously hadn't thought was possible.  I sleep deeply and wake up wholly refreshed.  I feel like I could dance on a cloud.  With a history of chronic pain, this feeling is priceless.  I feel a deep honor and responsibility to share this natural gift from the Earth with all those suffering from chroinc pain or searching for a better, healthier life. 

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Plant medicine is one of Mother Earth's most powerful healing modalities.  Essential Oils harness the most potent aspect of a plant's medicinal qualities and deliver it's healing benefits in a highly concentrated form.  Because these oils are so intensely concentrated, it is important to use oils made from plants that are grown organically, free from harsh chemicals, toxins, and poisons.  I use doTERRA's Essential Oils for their Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®quality and for their dedication to responsible, eco-friendly, and sustainable farming and employment world-wide.  Essential Oils are used as a safe, simple, and powerful means of enhancing health and personal well being, and can be used internally, topically, or diffused aromatically as a part of your daily beauty ritual, in food preparation, or as a part of your health and wellness routine.